Arai Astro-IQ Flat Black Helmet

-13% Arai Astro-IQ Flat Black Helmet

Arai Astro-IQ Flat Black Helmet

Loaded with below features:

  • The new QV-PRO is nothing less than an ultimate sports-touring helmet. 
  • It features the advanced VAS technology of the also new RX-7V and even shares the same outer shell, but with different ventilation. 
  • This rounder, smoother and stronger shell with an intermediate oval fit offers the important ‘’glancing off’’ properties needed for superior helmet performance at real world impacts. 
  • The QV-PRO features as the second model in line, the VAS (Variable Axis System) visor pivot system that offers a larger smoother and stronger outer shell area. 
  • From the very early start, the QV-PRO has been designed as the ultimate all-round helmet with the advanced technology of the RX-7V, but also answering to the demands of the very large segment of sports-touring riders. 
  • The QV-PRO comes standard with the PSS visor, the all-weather solution against fogging, misting and sun-glare.
  • Super Fiber and other special synthetic fibers, with superb tensil strength and flexability characteristics, developed for F-1 helmet visor panel, assembled and bonded by Arai experts. 
  • Such as the steel belts used to hold a barrel together, with a variety of carefully stacked and molded materials. 
  • Newly developed resin creates stronger bonds between shell materials with less weight.
  • Optimized ventilation
  • The high-performance ventilation system of the QV-PRO was developed to offer all day long comfort to the rider. 
  • Large ducts and vents feature massive inlet and exhaust openings, while the large switches can be easily operated, even with thick gloves. 
  • It is this advanced ventilation system that makes the QV-PRO perfect for those long rides in every weather.
  • The fully removable interior liner system has been improved with new Eco Pure material, which helps maintain neutral acidity levels close to human skin and antibacterial consumption. 
  • With the aim of a softer, deeper and even more comfortable fit we developed a new softer liner frame material. 
  • The new liner also has adjustable temple padding that allows for a customized fit.
  • Arai answer to the problem of sun glare and visor fogging. 
  • The VAS-V MV PSS offers an efficient combination of an easy to flip up, lockable sun peak, the VAS-V Max Vision visor and the efficient Pinlock inlay lens. 
  • PSS offers protection against sun glare, without effecting the integrity and strength of the helmet shell which could be caused by build-in sun visors.
  • Build in communication systems are popular, but the problem is often that the room for a speaker is limited or just not present, causing unpleasant pressure points. 
  • The QV-PRO is equipped with special speaker pockets, offering room for mounting speakers without effecting comfort or fit. (Speaker not included).
  • Attached to the bottom of the helmet, the new chin curtain helps to further accentuate the Egg-shape form. 
  • The curtain simulaniously blocks air intrusion from turbulent air below and increases negative pressure to enhance the exhaust function of FFS by drawing more air from the mouth area.
  • 5mm thick removable foam layer on the ear cups/cheek pads and temple pads. 
  • Offering more room if desired without the need to purchase an optional headliner or new pads/ear cups.
  • FCS Cheekpad with ear pocket recess for speakers and 5mm peel away layer for added room if needed. 
  • Larger space in mouth area for a more open feeling. 
  • Smaller NE nozzle without reduced exhaust efficiency. 
  • New emergency release tab positioned at the end of the release strap for easier access by rescue staff. 
  • Improved comfort performance with better fiting while being easier to put on and off.
  • Each Arai helmet goes through five separate quality-control departments: after the shell is made, after painting and graphic completion, after assembly and two in-process inspections.
  • The premium quality interior of any Arai helmet can be easily cleaned, in place, with mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • It can take up to five years for our experts to earn the right to create an Arai shell. 
  • Each shell can take up to 27 steps and to build one Arai helmet will take about 18 man-hours.
  • All-day comfort with the Arai interior fit and shape together withthe finest liner materials and the extensive ventilation system. 
  • And thanks to the perfect balance and weight distribution of the helmet, you hardly notice you are wearing an Arai.
  • All Arai helmets are penetration tested, (except Freeway-2, Penta, Astro-Light and VX-Pro Jr) although not required by European helmet standards. 
  • The Arai penetration test is performed with a 3kg test cone that strikes from a height of 3m on the helmet.
  • The flat and D-shaped rings fit smooth against the chin. 
  • No moving parts, no corrosion problems and just pulling the tab is enough to loosen the fastener.
  • The outer shell of Arai helmets is designed to glide without unnecessary resistance. 
  • You don’t want to decelerate your helmet more than necessary. 
  • That’s why all Arai vents and ducts are designed to break off during an impact.
  • Arai uses a stronger outer shell to spread impact forces and a softer inner shell to absorb remaining energy. 
  • The multiple-density EPS inner shell is made using a unique technology of combining three to five densities in various areas as a single component.
  • The organic shape of an Arai outer shell offers a more natural appearance, seals better and conforms more to the head’s natural shape for improved comfort, fit and to help minimize wind turbulence.
  • All Arai helmets are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, and are serviceable only for the properly fitted first user for 5 years from date of first use, but no more than 7 years from date of manufacture.
  • Unlike many other manufacturers Arai provides one size outer shell for each two-helmet sizes for most models. 
  • Together with different shaped outer shells for different models it is almost impossible not to find the fit you are looking for.
  • This Arai helmet is designed to meet the stringent Arai In-house standard requirements, in addition to mandatory standards such as ECE 22-05. 
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