Arai Tour-Cross 3 Detour Red Helmet

-11% Arai Tour-Cross 3 Detour Red Helmet

Arai Tour-Cross 3 Detour Red Helmet

Loaded with below features:

  • Ability to clear the Snell 2010 standard without changing the weight.
  • Strong PB - cLc hat body and ARAI 's own multistep firing Liner.
  • By realizing Helmet's two important elements up to the limit, it realizes Compact Forme with reduced weight increase.
  • PB-cLc cap body
  • The cap has a PB-cLc structure. 
  • Excellent MaterialSUPERFiber which is 40% higher both in tensile strength and compressive strength than ordinary Glass fiber, carefully laminated. 
  • In addition, organic material Material ARMatte which is combined as a composite material with light weight (Internal material) Also improves to this highly adhesive SUPERFiber and enhances the strength of Shell.
  • In addition, Belt made by SUPERFiber born in the development process of Helmet for F-1 was arranged not only in the forehead but also in the direction of the direction when receiving the impact, such as the inside of the occipital region, temporal region. 
  • With this PB-cLc cap body and multistage foaming Liner, also Snel 2010 [Color] Exercise the ability to clear.
  • Visor
  • Adopted DualPivot opening and closing system that moves rotation axis in conjunction with Shield's vertical movement. 
  • By moving the fulcrum of the Shield moving part, it is possible to reduce the height when the Shield is fully opened and to make the Visor approach the Shell by about 7 mm lower. This realizes a sense of stability during running and Styling with a sense of unity.
  • In addition, in order to ensure the strength at high speed, Rib is provided for Visor, making it strong against deformation. 
  • Reduced the wind resistance, eliminated Visor's shake, made it possible to run steadily. 
  • further, "TX - 2 Visor Washer" Secures a large area for fixing the Visor in order to suppress the deformation of the Visor due to the wind pressure from the front in the high speed region and to improve the stability. 
  • Reduce thickness, reduce air resistance and Wind Cutting sound.
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