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Tech-Air® Off-Road System Features
Tech-Air® Off-Road is an FIM approved airbag system designed specifically to tackle the rigors of rally driving and provide unrivaled upper body protection. Developed and tested since 2017, in the most grueling conditions of the Dakar Rally, the toughest off-road race in the world, the Tech-Air® Off-Road System offers the most advanced active airbag technology for off-road driving. The Tech-Air® Off-Road System, with the active airbag inflated, offers full CE Level 1 protection for the chest and back, as well as coverage for the shoulders, neck, and collarbones in the event of an accident. The System is integrated with an Alpinestars Off-Road Protection, featuring Level 1 passive protection for the back and limbs, integrated protection on the arms and Level 2 passive protection for the chest, to offer riders greater protection against rocks, debris, and other obstacles they may come into contact with on the trail. Designed to tackle any terrain, the System features three driving modes: ENDURO, RALLY, and STREET, making it the perfect choice for any type of on-road and off-road driving.
Tech-Air® Off-Road Driving Modes
ENDURO Mode Optimized for low to medium speed riding on unpaved surfaces such as gravel, riverbeds, mud, and other natural terrain.
RALLY Mode Optimized for fast off-road routes on any type of terrain, characterized by longer straight sections, multiple bumps, and different types of terrain crossed at high speeds.
STREET Mode Optimized for paved roads, including situations where the rider's motorcycle is hit by another vehicle while stationary.
Main Features of the Tech-Air® Off-Road System
Driving Modes ENDURO, RALLY, and STREET modes for different types of off-road and on-road driving.
Changeable Modes Easily change driving modes, even while on the move, using the button on the LED display or via the Tech-Air® App.
Dual-Charged System Two full gas inflators provide two separate airbag inflations for added safety.
Quick Release Cover Allows quick replacement of the gas inflator by the user where permitted by local regulations.
Autonomous System Integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes for crash monitoring and active airbag protection without external sensors.
Lithium Ion Battery Integrated and certified battery with a full charge autonomy of 30 hours and a charging time of approximately 4 hours.
LED Display Equipped with a built-in charging port for convenient recharging via USB-C cable.
Easy Activation Simply close the zip of the System to turn it on automatically; open the zip to deactivate the airbag.
Shipping Mode Dedicated slide switch for sleep mode and battery disconnect.

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