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  • The DUKE EVO is the evolution of the iconic Caberg DUKE flip-up helmet launched in 2012, that has been a great success among motorcyclists worldwide for its excellent value for money, the compact dimension and weight, high safety standards, and a 5-star score by SHARP test.
  • The brand-new DUKE EVO helmet meets the high safety requirements set by the latest EU regulation ECE 22.06. Many are the features of the new DUKE EVO such as: a compact shell dimension and an excellent weight for a flip-up helmet of around 1600 grams; the comfort liner is made with more transpiring and hypoallergenic fabrics compared to the DUKE helmet and the cheek pads have been developed with 3D technology to offer a better adherence to the face especially while riding with the chin guard open; a brand-new and easy-to-use chin guard opening system; an improved helmet ventilation thanks to the vent on top and on the chin guard both individually maneuverable; a new and easy-to -use visor mechanism ( no tools needed) , and a new visor lock system.The DUKE EVO features an aggressive and captivating design, ideal for touring, naked bikes, and maxi scooters riders.
  • The DUKE EVO is homologated ECE 22.06 with the dual homologation “P/J” that allows you to ride safely also with the chin guard open thanks to the lever P/J on the left-hand side of the helmet. When on ‘J’ it blocks the chin guard from moving from the fully open position.
  • The DUKE EVO features also the exclusive Double Visor Tech system that thanks to an integrated easy-to use sunshade visor, allows you to ride in safety with the right light. The inner sunshade visor is treated anti-scratch, while the clear one is anti-scratch and also anti-fog, thanks to the Max Vision Pinlock lens.
  • The DUKE EVO can be equipped with the CABERG PRO SPEAK EVO wireless communication system. It’s perfect for rider to passenger communication or even with another biker who’s riding close. It provides the user with easy access to music, navigation, phone, or intercom. To ensure maximum safety, the DUKE EVO helmet has passed all the requirements set by the EU regulation ECE 22.06 also with the Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO communication system installed.
  • The DUKE EVO is entirely made in Italy.




  • Completely removable and washable liner realized with high transpiring fabrics


  • Adjustable air vent on the chin guard to prevent visor from misting
  • Adjustable top vent for good air flow inside the helmet


  • Double Visor Tech
  • Clear anti-scratch visor with Pinlock lens
  • Integrated sunshade anti-scratch visor

Retention System:

  • Micrometric buckle

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