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SG.22 Boot Features
Soul, mind and body focused on a single goal: to create a high-performance boot, able to combine the craftsmanship of Made in Italy with cutting-edge materials and technical solutions.
Commitment, strength, power of actions and decisions.
The English term "horsepower" does not refer only to horsepower, but to an attitude that can make a difference.
It was this element that started the first steps of the SG.22 project.
Whether it's a tracked track or your own course, our boots will help you overcome any challenge with style and confidence.
Aluminium Superlight Buckles Levers are equipped with a new painted finish with visible details. The upper locking lever can be positioned in three positions.
Air Vents Facilitate the evacuation of heat and humidity and work in synergy with the new inner lining with holes and 3D channels.
3D Main Body Toe Box Offers a preformed three-dimensional machining with a single joining element near the closing lever on the outside. This conformation allows to reduce the height between the sole and the gearshield increasing the speed of shifting.
Frontal Shin Guard Two positions for the new front plate allow multiple configurations thanks to the upper closing lever, thus allowing an easy insertion of the knee protectors.
Steel Bumper 1.0 toe cap Adopts reduced thicknesses without sacrificing protective capacity but containing weight.
Grip Guard 1.0 Elements equipped with a compound tuned with professional riders. The function is twofold: protection and optimize the friction coefficient for an optimal driving feeling.
Sole Equipped with double density inserts, one able to offer optimal grip with the footpegs and unprecedented durability, the other able to guarantee cushion and traction in moments of walking.
Razorback Offers refined movement geometries that allow the boot to better copy the movements of the ankle.
Dual Stage Pivot System 1.0 Protects the ankle with two limit switches limiting hyperextension, hyperflexion, and lateral movements.
Microshock bead Has a differentiated density rubber compound, to provide a cushioning effect in micro-impacts when cornering.
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