Nolan N120-1 Flip-Back Helmet
The first flip-back in Nolan's history, the result of years of investments in research and development. Sublimation of the technology and innovation of the Brembate di Sopra company. The N120-1 perfectly combines the sporting and touring essence, inheriting the technical solutions of Nolan's top-of-the-range modular helmets. The peculiar backward rotation of the chin guard is possible via a single pin mechanism which maximizes its reliability. Experience the freedom of a flip-back without compromising performance, from full protection to open face. Live your experiences on the road in safety, comfort, and style.
Flip-back rotation of the chin guard: The N120-1 introduces flip-back technology, an innovative solution with a folding chin guard that can be rotated with maximum ease into a rear position. With a simple flip-back motion, this revolutionary design offers the freedom of an open face helmet while maintaining the safety and versatility of a full-face helmet.
Dual Action
Chin guard opening system: Discover the practicality of the Dual Action chin guard opening system, a technology that guarantees an extremely fluid opening and closing movement of the chin guard, adapting to your riding needs with precision and simplicity.
LPC - Liner Positioning Control
Get an optimal, enveloping, and comfortable fit to improve your driving experience even on longer journeys.
N-Com Ready
Always stay connected and don't give up entertainment during your travels thanks to this technology, which allows communication systems to be perfectly integrated into the helmet, allowing you to stay in contact with other motorcyclists, listen to music, or conveniently access GPS navigation.
Eco-sustainable Fabrics
For the N120-1 model, sustainability is a priority. Thanks to eco-sustainable fabrics, your helmet protects you while contributing to a greener environment.
Automatic Recall System
The helmet is equipped with an automatic recall system which guarantees maximum convenience and ease of adjustment of the VPS sunscreen according to your needs.
Additional Features
  • The innovative chin bar rotates backwards, offering the freedom of an open-face helmet with the safety of a full-face helmet, ensuring simplicity and versatility.
  • Exclusive chin guard opening system, positioned in the center, which allows easy one-handed use, reducing the risk of accidental opening.
  • This system allows you to adjust the position of the headset for a comfortable and secure fit, adapting to the different head shapes and sizes of all motorcyclists.
  • Prepared for the integration of N-Com, a seamless communication system, and ESS, an optimized signaling system.
Retention System Microlock2
  • 3D shaped pillows
  • Integrated chin straps
  • EA - Adaptive Eyewear
  • Eco-sustainable fabrics
  • Headphone with mesh construction
  • LPC - Liner Positioning Control
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Screen
  • Air extractors
  • Chin guard ventilation
  • Superior ventilation
Shell material Lexan™ polycarbonate
Number of Caps 2
Communication System Prepared for N-Com
ECE 2206 approval Yes
P/J approval Yes
Shipping Info
Order Type : Order From Cross Border
Dispatch Time : 20-22 Business Days*

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