Product / Service Description

Bikegear is commited to make available the worlds finest of products to its customer.In the squence bikegear brings best brand products from all across the globe.Each order will be a specific custom import for the customer from overseas. Hence bikegear is rendering service for importing goods on order.We do not manufactuer any goods as listed on website, we offer service for importing them on order.

Here are some of the terms & condition on order from cross border module: 

Each order who comes under order from cross border is clearly shown to the customer that its an overseas product, which will come on order.

Bikegear is importing products on order from different countries. We have listed most of the items which are available with company most of the time.But in case some time something is not available or can not be proocur with our counter part then bikegear has the right to cancel the order and return the full particular product amount back to customer. Bikegear tries its best to make that order fullfil , but in case of unavailability we can not do anything.

Yes we will try for 100% for similar products from same or different manufacturers on customers approval.

Our dispatch time is from 15-17 business days to 20-22 business days depending upon product line. We most likely deliver with in given time line but there might be some cases when we may take some extra time since it is been ordered from other country so sometimes some unwanted unseen issues come up, so it takes time to rectify the issues. So customer has to keep patience & cooperate in such odd situations.We understand that once order is placed customers are eager to get the product same way we are eager to deliver,we put our best efforts to meet time lines. But exceptions may fall that is not in any body's hand.

Returns are not accepted for order type "Order from cross border" in any case. We do double check before sending the product to customer from our warehouse. We make it very clear that returns are not accepted in any case, such request will not be entertained in any case.  After deliveries customer can be refunded if product is been delivered to customer , customer has to check the parcel at the time of delivery any claim after that for damage will not be entertained. As far as manufacturing defect is concerned customer has to notify us about the issue by email with proper evidences. Any complaint lodged by phone will not be entertained, we will need detailed email with all evidences or will be counted time for same is 48 hours from time of delivery. Any claim raised related to manufacturing defects after 48 hours of delivery, can not be entertained. We are not liable for any kind of service for any product, we are giving service for delivering product on order.We can help customer in terms of spare parts subject to our counter part in overseas. If they do not have spare parts then we can not help in such cases.

We are not bound to disclose the suppliers details in any case, thats a confidential information , such request will not be entertained in any case.