Sena Spider Rt-1 Single Intercom Communication System

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-18% Sena Spider Rt-1 Single Intercom Communication System

Loaded with below features:

  • The Next Generation Of Sena’s Srl For Shoei Is Here. The Srl-mesh Is Packed With Premium Features, Including Mesh Intercom™ And Sound By Harman Kardon Speakers And Microphone. Designed Specifically For Three Of Shoei’s Most Popular Helmets, The Srl-mesh Is The Perfect Companion For Your Next Ride. The Sleek Device Offers These Features:
  • Sound By Harman Kardon
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Mesh Intercom™
  • 4-way Bluetooth® Intercom
  • Digital Assistant Access
  • dvanced Noise Control™
  • The Srl-mesh Is Custom Designed Specifically To Fit Into The Interior Recesses Of The Shoei Neotec 2, Shoei Gt-air 2, And Shoei J-cruise 2 Helmets. Once Installed, The Compact Srl-mesh Unit Is Virtually Undetectable From The Helmet’s Exterior. The Left Side Of The Srl-mesh Features A 3-button Control, While The Right Side Houses The Simple One-click-to-connect Mesh Intercom™ Button.
  • The Srl-mesh’s Speakers And Microphone Were Created With The Audio Experts At Harman Kardon To Provide World-class Sound Inside Your Shoei Helmet. Expertly Crafted Speakers And An All-new Microphone Allow The Srl-mesh To Deliver An Unmatched Audio Experience. The Speakers Send Clear Audio To Riders’ Ears While The Microphone, With A Redesigned Sensor, Provides Robust Performance For Voice Communication. Users Will Be Able To Switch Between The Wired Boom Microphone And The Wired Microphone.
  • Srl-mesh Offers Both Mesh Intercom™ And Traditional 4-way Bluetooth Intercom, Allowing For Connection To Any Sena Or Sena-powered Device. Sena’s Industry-leading Mesh Intercom™ Communication Platform Has Two Modes: Multi-channel Open Mesh Intercom™ (Open Mesh) And Group Mesh Intercom™.
  • Open Mesh Features The Industry’s First Mesh Intercom™ Channel System. Like Standard Handheld Or Cb Radios, Open Mesh Lets Users Switch Between Nine Channels. Open Mesh Offers A Single Push Of A Button To Click-to-connect To The Mesh Intercom™ Network. It Also Supports A Near-limitless Number Of Users Within A Range Of Up To 5 Miles / 8 Km (Min. 6 Riders @ 1 Mi / 1.6 Km Intervals).
  • Group Mesh Supports A Single, Private Group For Up To 24 Participants And The Same Range As Open Mesh For A More Intimate Group Conversation. Only Invited Users Can Join The Group Mesh Chat. Open Mesh And Group Mesh Provide Unprecedented Intercom Audio Quality And Robust Connectivity.
  • Sena’s Voice Commands Give You Control Of The Srl-mesh’s System Functions, Such As Answering The Phone Or Starting Up A Group Mesh Session. The Srl-mesh Supports Voice Commands Across Eight Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, And Russian!
  • Running Low On Gas? “hey Google, Directions To The Nearest Gas Station.” The Srl-mesh Can Connect To Google Assistant And Apple’s Siri With Just A Simple Voice Command Allowing You To Tap Into The Power Of Your Smartphone’s Features, Including Gps Navigation, Music Playback, Voice Dialing, Or A Variety Of Other Options.
  • Stay Connected With The Sena Motorcycles App
  • The Sena Motorcycles App Gives Users A Way To Configure The Srl-mesh’s Device Settings Visually. Download The App To Customize Various Settings And Features, Including The Ability To Manage Channel Settings For Open Mesh Remotely Or Set A Private Group For Group Mesh. Download The Sena Motorcycles App In The App Store Or Google Play Store.
  • Mesh & Sound By Harman Kardon Designed For Shoei Helmets
  • The Srl-mesh Is Custom Designed Specifically To Fit Into The Interior Recesses Of The Shoei Neotec 2, Shoei Gt-air 2, And Shoei J-cruise 2 Helmets.


  • Designed For Shoei Helmets: Shoei Neotec 2*, Shoei Gt-air 2, And Shoei J-cruise 2 Helmets
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